Solvent Resistent Membranes

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PDMS membranes

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Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration

SolSep ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes are applied in a vast range of organic solvents. An overview is given in the table underneath.

1) Stabilized version voor e.g. aprotics, 2) mainly for decolorization, 3) for water-solvent mixtures.
Ultrafiltration Nanofiltration
UF010104 UF010706 NF0102061) NF010306 NF090101
NF030306 NF0801052) NF030105A NF030705 NF070706

Solvent System

Alcohols X X X X 3) X X X X X
Esters X X X X 3) X X
Ketones X X X 3) X X X X X
Aromatics X X X 3) X X X
X X X 3) X X X
Chlorinated X X X X 3) X X X X
Red.Atmos. X X 3) X

PDMS membrane

A well-known type of solvent resistant membrane is the PDMS membrane. PDMS (poly-dimethyl siloxane) is a specific type of silicon.
Nanofiltration and pervaporation using PDMS membranes is described in many literature references.
SolSep PDMS membranes have a solvent resistant support which broadens their application range.