List of applications

Here is a list of applications in which SolSep modules are used:

Food industry
  1. purification of edible oils
  2. concentration of starch and sugars
  3. treatment of extracted natural compounds, e.g., antioxidants, oils
  4. separation/fractionation of carbohydrates & inulin
  5. recovery of solvents
Chemical industry
  1. recovery of homogeneous catalysts from organic solvents
  2. separation of oligo- and polymers from solvent solutions
  3. isolation of surfactants from emulsion polymerisation
  4. recovery of solvents from paint
  5. recovery of dyes
  6. fractionation of oligomers and polymers
  7. dewaxing
  1. isolation of products and intermediates, peptides, antibiotics
  2. recovery of solvent from L-L extraction