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Dimensions of standard pressure vessels

Spiral Wound Elements

SolSep produces spiral wound elements but also other type of membrane modules that are stable in organic solvents.
We have specialized on spiral wound elements for ultrafiltration and nanofiltration.
These have been tested in solvents like methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethyl acetate, hexane, toluene and chloro benzene.
Also other alcohols, ketones, esters may be used, as well as solvents like DMF, DMSO and THF.
The spiral wounds elements in the table have sizes conform industrial standards.
For special applications e.g. high viscosity or high temperature elements can be customized but
they will still fit into a regular pressure vessel.

Element Filtration area (m2)* Size (diameter x length)
SR-1 1 - 1.8 60mm x 505mm
2.5" x 20"
SR-2 1.5 - 3 60mm x 1010mm
2.5" x 40"
SR-5 5 - 8 102mm x 1010mm
4" x 40"
SR-20 15 - 20 195mm x 1010mm
8" x 40"
*Depends on spacer thickness

Special custom demand constructions can be made on request

Special element for aroma recovery

Pressure Vessels

SolSep delivers 2.5 inch wide high quality pressure vessels (2.5" x 20" and 2.5" x 40") at reasonable costs.
These are well-suited for small scale experiments and pilot plants.

2.5" x 40" Pressure Vessels

Other pressure vessels are of third parties. Contact us for more information.