Solsep instructions for doing experiments

Solsep poster at ICOM 2011, Amsterdam, 25th July 2011

Solsep talk at NF conference in Organic Solvents, Imperial College, London, 13th-15th September 2010

General brochure - Several SolSep modules

General brochure - Info on applications

Document describing - 3 applications in short

ICOM 2002 Solsep poster on homogeneous catalysis

Euromembrane 2004 poster on new membranes - "Near RO characteristics"

Characterization of NF membranes poster ( Work by University of Twente, Dutch Membrane Society, 2005 )

Workshop on membranes in organic solvents, University Leuven (B), 2006

Poster at Aachener Membran Kolloquium & NMG Posterday 2008

Excerpt of presentation at EMS Summerschool Leuven, 2008